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June 30 2015


Specialist in Gratings for higher end projects

The majesty of all-natural stone is perhaps best expressed by the magnificence of the stone castles of England. Inspired by the rustic appeal of all-natural stone, we wondered if the Gratings material could be utilised to make functional and stunning grates.

In 1994, Jonite pioneered the world’s initial reinforced decorative stone grating. Incorporating the beauty of stone without compromising load bearing strength, the marriage of aesthetics and efficiency http://teamdesign.com.sg/ remained unchallenged in the industry. Inspired by the rustic appeal of organic stone, Jonite was created by way of years of comprehensive study and improvement, led by a team of dedicated and passionate personnel.

At Jonite, we recognize that nothing at all compares to Street Furniture the feeling you get when you bring your vision to life, and Jonite is Gratings right here to partner you in creating that occur.Making landscapes that inspire demands striking a delicate balance in between serving contemporary demands and preserving the grace of nature.

Jonite brings the sensory and sensible qualities of stone to your landscapes, imparting a visually soft look which feels Grating luxurious to the touch. With Jonite, there is no better way to complement function with type. Our designers operate with your vision, moved by the shapes and contours of the landscape to develop tough and functional channel grates, sump covers, tree grates and pool grates that serve to improve the beauty of the surroundings.

Touching this matte finish is like stroking the curves of organic stone, transforming spaces into showcases for sophisticated material inspired by nature. Jonite Stone (reinforced) Channel Grates have redefined the part of gratings in the architectural sector. With Jonite, gratings have moved beyond becoming merely functional into the realm of style components.

The distinctive material properties of Jonite merchandise which Street Furniture prevents rust and corrosion mean they are equally suited to final a lifetime for each indoor and outdoor applications.Jonite Stone (reinforced) Channel Grates are engineered to sustain load performances from pedestrian to vehicular according to the regular as specified, and are compliant with International requirements such as BS EN 124:1994 & BS EN 1433:2008.

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